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KG Enterprises (Surrey) Ltd has been Wound Up...

Please be advised that KG Enterprises (Surrey) Limited officially ceased trading on 31 March 2017 and has applied to Companies House to be struck off. Official status at this time is Dissolution (First Gazette). We have de-registered for Value Added Tax and are no longer recognised by HMRC as an employer and have no PAYE account.

KG Photography is simply a trading style for KG Enterprises (to allow separate focus (sic) on the photography business) - which means, obviously, that KG Photography has also ceased trading.

The KG Photography website and all content will remain in place for the forseeable future (as will the KG Enterprises website) - but this is only for archival reasons (and personal pride!)

Moreover, I will continue to use the mail server and all current email addresses will continue to work and will continue to be monitored. If you would really like to contact us then you can use the and email addresses.

It is conceivable that, sometime in the future, I resurrect the Photography part of the business (in which case I will operate as a 'sole trader') but, for the moment I just have too much on hand.

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